LGBT/Sexuality Issues

As a psychotherapist with 12+ years experience working with the LGBT community, I provide psychotherapy services to individuals couples and families experiencing difficulties in a number of life areas. LGBT clients are particularly vulnerable to mental health struggles and addiction due to stigmatization, trauma and other societal oppressions.  Learning to love and embrace who you are is easier for some and more challenging for others.  Often the “coming out” process is a long road that should never be dealt with single-handedly.

I focus mainly on the issues confronting this unique group: coming out, loneliness, dating, relationship issues, family conflict, developing acceptance, dealing with depression, anxiety, loss and adaptation in these situations.  My clients are professionals, students, artists and all types of people experiencing profound life changes, both LGBT and “straight.”  I am particularly interested in the role of “Inquiry” as well as creative expression in supporting personal growth, individual identity and overall mental health.   “Inquiry” is the process of thoroughly examining each and every thought, belief and story one believes about oneself.  Most thoughts/beliefs go unchecked, leading us to a myriad of problems, self-doubt and a sense of unhappiness.   This process is profound, intense and, quite often, funny.  The more stories that we uncover about ourselves, the more work we can do to question, change or get rid of them.

It is an unfortunate fact that it took the psychological community way too long to properly recognize and understand issues of sexual orientation and identity.  It took significant effort by a generation of enlightened psychotherapists to erase the shameful stigma of pathology in the 1970s.  However, there are still many obstacles to overcome-wherever you find yourself on the sexuality spectrum.  Today, LGBT identity is no longer considered a problem to be solved, but an orientation to accept, embrace and be proud of.



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