Myth: ‘Therapy Is Only for Treating Disorders, Not for Personal Growth’

Myth: "Therapy Is Only for Treating Disorders, Not for Personal Growth"
-John Newmark, M.S., LMHC

In my opinion and experience, It is most unfortunate that most Western philosophies seem to focus on the treatment of conditions/illnesses rather than on their prevention.  While it is true that severe mental illness often benefits from psychotherapy alone or with medication (when needed), many people find themselves lost in an ever-changing world filled with stress, confusion and chaos.   How does mental health treatment fit in this continuum?  Is counseling warranted only for the treatment of severe mental health issues/illness or is it a valid form of personal, emotional, and spiritual growth? The answer depends on who you ask.   Thankfully, the present-day shift toward preventative care has begun to manifest in many ways, especially with psychotherapy and other types of holistic approaches.

There may be aspects about yourself that you don’t want to acknowledge, even to yourself.  You may have made poor choices in your life, have leftover issues from your childhood or have trouble maintaining relationships.  Counseling with a trained and experienced therapist can pave the way to your accepting yourself, ALL of who you are.

No path to personal growth and development is ever easy.  We ALL have things we need to work through in order to become the person we were born to be. Often, patterns we learned as children can limit our happiness as adults and our growth toward becoming self-actualized human beings. Psychotherapy can help us discover and uncover places inside ourselves where we may not be able to go on our own.

If you feel that your life has become stagnant and you don’t know which way to turn,  therapy may be able to help you identify the strides you need to take in order to grow in a positive direction and keep you focused on your self-improvement goals.  I would not be the therapist that I am today without having done my own inner work; work that continues to this day…  

I would love to assist you on your journey of personal transformation and growth.

Wishing you all the best,