Come Out Of The Darkness…

Are you feeling overwhelmed and stressed out?  Do you feel like you're finding it difficult to cope?  Do you seek to change something about your life, including how you think and behave?  Do you seek to gain a better acceptance of yourself?   Is there any part of you that you are afraid to face or feel ashamed of?  Are there aspects of your life, experience or relationships that bother you – cause you difficulty? You can learn to free yourself from old emotional pain.  If you are struggling with anxiety, depression, sexuality issues, low self-esteem or relationships, therapy can be a vital tool in creating lasting positive change.   Life poses many challenges to all of us.  As a psychotherapist, I bring a holistic & collaborative approach to counseling.  I see each client as their own unique individual with a story.  I work with people who seek to find their path to healing & strength through a cognitive therapeutic approach.   I strive to create a confidential and therapeutic environment that is safe, respectful, and without judgment.

The decision to get help is not an easy one, but it can be the first step toward authentic transformation.  I want to help you empower yourself to bring about the changes you've been wanting in your life. By breaking old, painful patterns and creating new, fulfilling ones, I am committed to helping you heal and have more peace and clarity.

Your call or inquiry is always strictly confidential….    Hope to hear from you soon, John